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Food & Nutrition

Healthy Choices, Healthy Children.

At Shipton Bellinger, we prioritise promoting healthy lifestyle choices for our children, encompassing balanced diets, physical activity, and self-care. We understand that the food children consume affects their lives, including mood, behaviour, growth, and concentration.

When packing your child's lunchbox, please remember their food preferences. Aim to provide an assortment of tasty, nutritious, and easy-to-open options they enjoy and are familiar with.

This will help ensure that their lunch experience is both satisfying and stress-free. Although you may include a beverage for your child to consume during lunchtime, rest assured that we will continue to offer them access to their water bottles throughout the day.

For the safety of everyone, we have implemented a procedure to sanitise lunchboxes before they enter the building. This measure helps maintain a clean and healthy environment for all children and staff members.

To further enhance the lunchtime experience, our staff members will eat alongside the children, serving as positive role models by demonstrating proper eating habits and table manners. This interaction promotes healthy socialisation and encourages children to adopt appropriate mealtime behavior's.

Lastly, we would like to remind all parents and guardians that our preschool maintains a strict NO NUT policy. This rule is in place to protect the well-being of all children, particularly those with severe allergies.

Please ensure that the foods you pack in your child's lunchbox adhere to this policy, helping us maintain a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.
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