Shipton Bellinger

Age Groups

Toddlers: two to three.

Your child's daily experiences will foster independence and a growing curiosity about the world around them. As their personalities and friendships develop, we support their emotional expression and introduce simple concepts like numbers, colours, and shapes through indoor and outdoor play.

In our toddler room, we continue to encourage exploration while preparing children for the next stage - preschool. We promote independence through self-selection of activities, handwashing, serving fruits and vegetables, and pouring water. Our planning and challenges cater to each child's ongoing learning within both indoor and outdoor areas.

Your child will have free-flow access to a secure outdoor space where activities are enhanced daily to stimulate learning about their surroundings.

As toddlers form strong relationships with peers, their language skills progress, and our practitioners support their creativity and social development. We understand that children may display various emotions and behaviours during this phase, so our team is dedicated to providing guidance and support to you and your child.

We adopt a positive approach to behaviour, focusing on rewarding good actions and avoiding negative labelling. Our staff also proactively encourage health and self-care, assisting in the smooth transition from nappies to pants at the right time.

We recognise that transitions can be challenging for parents and children. We inform you about your child's progression into preschool and ensure they become familiar with their new environment and key staff members.

Pre School: Three Plus

As children grow more confident, our preschool rooms provide stimulating activities and foster social skills and friendships. Guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, our team supports each child's development, and it prepares them for their next learning phase.

Our preschools feature secure outdoor areas for exploration and independent play. Children have easy access to drink, food, and toilet facilities, encouraging self-reliance.

We tailor learning experiences to each child's interests, fostering a passion for new skills and preparing them for school. Our practitioners adapt and enhance the environment to meet individual needs, offering indoor and outdoor play opportunities.

As children become more aware of themselves and their abilities, they may test boundaries. Our staff support their decision-making and help them understand the consequences of their actions. Group discussions allow children to share their experiences and learn about the world around them.

Our approach ensures a smooth transition into school, with active brain development and skill-building for future success. We work closely with you and your child's new school to facilitate a seamless transition, supporting their ongoing learning journey.
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