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Expressing Themselves.

Music is a universal language that captivates everyone. It boosts confidence and encourages movement, enhances language development, supports math and literacy skills, connects with technology and various cultures, and serves as a powerful catalyst for creativity. At Shipton Bellinger Preschool, we celebrate the importance of music in our daily activities.

We offer an array of musical instruments accessible to children in different areas, encouraging them to explore and experiment with sounds. Our unique programs, such as Dough Discos, Squiggle While You Wiggle and Write Dance, are specifically designed to strengthen various muscle groups, ultimately supporting the development of children's writing skills.

Incorporating singing into our curriculum bolsters literacy and math abilities while fostering a love for music in our young learners. Just as essential as art, music is critical in building crucial muscle coordination and facilitating communication between the brain and body parts.

At Shipton Bellinger Preschool, we believe in harnessing the power of music to create an engaging, dynamic learning environment where children can cultivate essential skills and express their creativity.
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A Homely Environment.

We welcome families from all walks of life to our comfortable and inviting setting. Our top priority is to ensure that each child feels safe and secure, as this fosters optimal learning and growth. To achieve this, we invite families to visit our facility and familiarise themselves with the environment.

Upon enrolment, each child is assigned a dedicated key worker who will work closely with you to help your little one settle in smoothly. Our team recognises that every child has a unique personality and learning style, and our mission is to identify and cultivate their individual potential.

Emphasising well-being, we address emotions as they arise, helping children understand and navigate their feelings. Praise is generously given, reinforcing positive behaviour and boosting self-esteem. For those who need it, we provide quiet areas for naps, ensuring proper rest and development.

Our curriculum is designed to follow children's interests, sparking their curiosity and fostering independent exploration. Our attentive staff skillfully engage in children's play at opportune moments, further enriching their experiences. We help children gradually develop independence and confidence in their abilities with consistent support and nurturing.

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Respectful Care.

In our daily care routine, we value children's choices and opinions, ensuring they feel heard and respected. For example, we ask if they are ready for a nappy change. Giving children the autonomy to make decisions fosters self-confidence and reinforces their understanding that their thoughts matter.

As we provide support, we patiently wait for children to accept our guidance and offer choices. We teach them respect for their environment and others, promoting a sense of inclusiveness among individuals.

By empowering children to make choices, we facilitate problem-solving skills and encourage them to take calculated risks emotionally and physically.

This approach enables children to develop confidence and resilience, preparing them to navigate the challenges they may encounter as competent and capable learners.

Special educational needs and disabilities.

Our inclusive environment embraces all families, ensuring everyone feels welcome and supported. Our dedicated Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) team possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to guide our staff in providing tailored assistance to children who require it.

To foster confidence and individualised attention, we offer small group sessions to nurture each child's skills. When necessary, we collaborate with external agencies to further enhance our expertise and better understand how to advance our children's development.

Additionally, we support children with English as an additional language, accommodating their unique needs through small-group instruction or one-on-one guidance, as appropriate. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that every child receives the personalised care and encouragement they need to thrive.

Working in partnership.

We must foster strong partnerships as we strive to make each child's journey the best possible experience. To achieve this, we dedicate time to engage with parents, discussing their child's interests and development. We warmly invite families to join our stay-and-play sessions every half term, providing an opportunity for meaningful conversations.

To keep families informed, we communicate preschool updates through various channels. We are fortunate to have a strong relationship with Shipton Bellinger Primary School, enabling us to prepare children for their transition to school effectively.

Upon enrollment, we assess each child across all Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) aspects to ensure they work at the appropriate developmental stage. Recognising that every child's journey is unique, we carefully monitor their progress, laying solid foundations for learning and scaffolding their development.

Our access to various external agencies allows us to seek additional support when needed, ensuring that all children continue to grow and thrive in their educational journey.
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