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Become an Active Member of the Parent Led Charity Run Preschool.

As a Parent Led Charity run Preschool, we can only operate with the help & involvement of the dedicated Parents & Staff who devote their own time to assist with the running of the Preschool. We are governed by a document called Learning Alliance constitution 2011 which stipulates how the Committee should be structured & run. The Committee is made up of parents and members of the local community, with individuals taking the roles of Chair & Treasurer.

We also rely on Parents who give their time & resources to assist with fundraising. This comes in many forms from Parents who contribute ideas & assist with the planning of fundraising events or Parents who complete sporting events & collect sponsorship in aid of the Preschool.

Either way without the support of the Committee, Staff & Parents who all devote their time voluntarily, the Pre-school would not be in a position to raise much needed funds to keep our Pre-school in the Community.

If you are thinking of sending your Child to Shipton Bellinger Preschool, please consider joining our Committee. We are always delighted to welcome new Parents and value their input.
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Shipton Bellinger Preschool, 3 Parkhouse Road, Tidworth, Hampshire SP9 7TW
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