Expressing themselves

Everyone loves is a confidence builder, can get children moving, can help build language, helps with maths and literacy, links to technology and all cultures and is a great stimulus for creativity. Music is a big part of our day at Shipton Bellinger Preschool. We have baskets available with a variety of different musical instruments in different areas. We use dough discos, squiggle while you wiggle and write dance to build on different muscle groups to support childrens writing skills. We sing to support our literacy and maths skills. Music is just as important as art for children to build those essential muscle groups and to support conversation between the brain and our body parts. 

A homely environment

We welcome families from far and wide, everyone one is welcome at our cosy setting. When a child feels safe and secure their learning will flourish, this is our commitment to gain every childs trust. There is a process to support children to feel like this, starting with inviting families to visit our setting. Before starting your child will be given a key worker who will spend time with you to help settle them in. Each child has their own unique personality and way to learn, the job of the key worker, and team, is to identify this to help grow each child to their full potential. Well being is very import to us, we discuss emotions as they arise, labelling them and supporting them - every emotion is natural and can be difficult to understand. Praise is given regularly, children will only know they are getting it right if we tell them - you can never be over praising. We can offer quiet areas for nap times if your child still needs this to support their growth and development. We follow the childrens interests to ignite a spark in their curiosity, the adults will find the right moment to join the childrens play to develop and extend their play. Independence will grow over time with support and nurture.

Respectful care

Children are given a choice and have their opinions listened to in our day to day care, for instance we ask if they are ready to have their nappy changed. Children need to be given this to build on confidence, to be aware that their thoughts matter to us and to make our child competent and capable learner. We offer support to children, waiting for them to accept our input of choices. We show children how to be respectful of the environment and of others to support an inclusive group of individuals. With allowing the children to make choices we help support problem solving and some elements of risk - emotionally and physically, this empowers them to develop their confidence and  resilience

Special educational needs and disabilities

We are an inclusive setting welcoming all families. We have a small SEND team who have knowledge and experience to guide the rest of the team to support children who need it. We offer small group times to progress children with their confidence, offer more time for each children and build on the skill they need. We work with outside agencies where needed to develop our skill base to be able to gain a better understanding of how to progress our children. We support children who have English as an additional language either in small groups or 1:1 depending on their need. 

Hygge accreditation 

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for cosiness and comfortable with the feeling of well-being and contentment. We are bringing this into our setting to support the childrens well-being and build skills that they can take with them throughout life. By removing all the brightly coloured items in the rooms we have welcome calmness for the children to focus on their play and using loose parts we indirectly support their imagination to flow.  

Working in partnership 

We are very lucky to have such a good relationship with Shipton Bellinger Primary School. This helps us to support the children to become school ready. When children join us we check all ages and areas of the EYFS to make sure they are working on the correct stage of learning, every childs journey is unique. By checking all stages we make sure the foundations of learning are covered to then be able to scaffold their development. We work in partnership with home offering support to progress learning.