On this page you will find the reasons we may need to close our doors and how we will communicate this to you. 

Snow days:

If the snow falls and leaves enough on the ground to be considered dangerous for our staff to travel we will need to close the preschool for the safety of everyone, majority of our staff need to drive to work. We will also work on the basis that if the school is closed then the preschool will be too. You will be able to find out information on this on local radio stations including Andover sounds - 106.4fm. We will try to send out an email before preschool is due to open to all families. If you are unsure please do call the preschool. 


During the global pandemic we may need to close if we have a confirmed case within our setting, this would be determined by DfE. We follow our risk assessment, daily routines and ask families to follow our agreement, signed before children attend the setting.  If we need to close we will inform everyone via email. If children and staff are in the building we will call families to collect and isolate for the period set out by the Government. 

Setting requirements are not met:

If we find ourselves without water, heating or meeting ratios we may need to close till the issue is resolved. This would be be communicated to all as quickly as possible - email, tapestry or phone call. We would hope to be open again within 24hours of this happening.